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    Avalon is an eco-village of Wiccans, Pagans, Shamans, Druids and other nature loving people. It will be a hollowed place made buy the people. We will have a school of course for those who do not wish to send their children to a public school. There will be a Temple for indoor rituals, Village gatherings and Handfastings. It will also be a place to learn and will have a few priests and priestesses. We will have Aquaphonic Gardens due to low cost and high production. We will build it ourself rather than wasting money on a prebuilt one.  We will be completely self-sefficent by gathering rainwater and creating our own electricity. Avalon will be in Missouri and for those that do not know anything about Missouri ask a Missourian. We are currently in planning stages and do not have land. Never fear the land will eventually come. We are still planning so we can get it once we have the money. 

I want to thank those of you who stayed true while I was away. Lets wipe the dust off the forums and move forward! I would also like to welcome the new members that joined while the site was in its state of neglect.












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